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Jun 14, 2013

You save your passwords in your Chrome and it’s always safe to see what you have stored and sometimes delete the sensitive ones to secure yourselves from others who might use your browser. I basically use the following tool to review my stored passwords in my Chrome browser frequently.

ChromePass is a simple yet a powerful freeware tool to view saved passwords in Google Chrome. Using ChromePass you can view the usernames and passwords that you have stored in your Chrome browser. It reads all the profiles created in your chrome browser. It also supports the latest Chrome Canary which is a developer version of the stable Google Chrome.

There is no installation process involved in using ChromePass. You can double-click on the executable file ChromePass.exe and run instantly. ChromePass displays all passwords that are currently stored in your Google Chrome browser. You can run this tool without administrator rights.

The best part to know is that you can use ChromePass from a thumb drive also to read the passwords stored by Chrome Web browser. ChromePass can save one or more items into text/html/xml file or you can also simply copy them to the clipboard.

The following elements are displayed for each password entry:
· Origin URL
· Action URL
· User Name Field
· Password Field
· User Name
· Password
· Created Time

ChromePass is available in many languages. You can choose your language zip file and extract 'chromepass_lng.ini' from it and place this in the ChromePass installation folder.