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Dec 26, 2013

While browsing internet in Google Chrome we come across some stunning websites with many cool fonts that give beauty to the whole site. Not only a web designer but a normal viewer who appreciates design also sometimes wonder about the fonts used in the website which give that ravishing look.

If you want to find the fonts in an image there are many services like Myfonts and Whatfontis in which you can upload the image containing the text and it would give you the fonts that are used in that image. But when you want to find the font of the text in Google Chrome, it would be tedious to go to source and search for type and size of every font you are interested in. Moreover if you want to find the font used in a menu or a widget or a button, then it would be very strenuous task.

Thanks to Chengyin Liu for this Google Chrome extension called Whatfont which enables us to find font in Chrome without inspecting elements of the webpages. Whatfont cannot recognize font in an image but when it comes to text, Whatfont gives full attributes of the font like font-type, font family, font size, line height, color of the font.

Click the Whatfont button that appears after installation and when you hover your mouse over the text, you can see the type of font being used on the webpage and when you click on the text, all the attributes mentioned above will be displayed in a small box. When the font in the webpage is being served by a third party service like Google fonts or Typekit, it will also be displayed in the small window. At the top right corner of the webpage is “Exit Whatfont” button, which enables to exit the extension and come back to normal browsing.