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Sep 20, 2012

Kindle Fire HD is a very impressive piece with stunning specs at a $200 price tag. Amazon’s main source of revenue from the tablet comes from the purchases of digital content such as eBooks, movies, music, and apps through the Kindles.

Amazon’s move to ship the Kindle Fire HD with locked bootloaders was an obvious step as hackers already easily went into the first generation Amazon’s tablet, Kindle Fire. Bootloader checks the firmware's signature before a device boots.  They were previously able to install custom ROMS in Kindle Fire, erasing the Amazon’s system from the tablet making it completely a piece of independency.

But always users should be aware that rooting the device comes with all of the potential risks, including voiding your Amazon warranty, turning your tablet into a brick, and also being vulnerable to any malware attacks.

In a recent post from Android Police confirmed that a Kindle Fire HD can be rooted and consequently custom ROMs can be installed. "This is confirmed to work on the Fire HD 7, but should work on all new variants that are based on ICS," the blog said.

More millions of apps can be installed from Google Play without just restricted to Amazon App Store