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May 5, 2013

With a huge chunk of share in mobile operating system, android is running superfast. Thanks to the cheap hardware that’s adding to this phenomenon. When android started on some 4 inch devices, we didn’t expect that it can be such a huge success boasting now on many 10-inch and above screens.

Already at times, we are using an external keyboard and mouse to have a free functional input to the device or tablets. So a certified or an official integration of these input devices into the devices and making the OS compatible for these comprise of a good idea which results in an android laptop. Although Google is trying its best in developing Chrome OS but taking android into the next step isn’t bad, instead could make some good impact on laptop industry.

Android laptops could be very affordable because unlike Windows or Apple operating systems, Android does not charge for license. Moreover the hardware is cheap and thus at a $200 price tag we can get a touchscreen laptop including some high-end specs.

Obviously android is the most popular mobile OS touching almost every generation people and thus making itself familiar in using it. Many millions of devices powered with android are being used by people daily. 

Already with multi-window features being used in some Samsung phones, we are already experiencing the level for multi-tasking in android. We can watch a video in one window and send a mail in another in high end devices like Samsung Galaxy SIII and S IV. Thus it isn’t a hefty task for android for managing multi windows and performing multi tasks.

Almost every task we do on a traditional laptop are now being done on an android tablet now, then after all why can’t we have an android laptop that can perform, entertain, work and sync with our daily computing activities.