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Aug 6, 2013

Exponential raise in online shopping in India makes evidence to a huge market scope for e-commerce culture here. Eyeing on this, online e-commerce giant has geared up its business in India by recently launching with few departments at start. Further moving, now Amazon India introduced its highly successful affiliate in India with Associates Programme. This is good news to all bloggers as they can now monetize their Indian blogs “effectively”.

What is Associates Programme?

In simple words “Being a publisher, you make money by promoting or selling products”.
You can make money by selling products in through your links. “Selling Products” in the previous line means you bring customers to via your links, and when they purchase a product through your link, you will be paid commission. This commission varies with products.

I would like to focus on 3 major steps involved in making money through Amazon India Affiliate. Each step is crucial, so let us discuss in-depth separately. We will see the strategies to make money through Indian-specific ways.

  • Choose Indian.
  • Write Indian.
  • Promote Indian.

Choose Indian:

Unlike US, India has many festivals from many religions. So you need to choose right products to promote at right time. Seasonal sales are high in India. For example, electronics sale goes up during Dussehra time, so the more you choose consumer electronics to write, the more people will reach your site to eventually land on amazon.

Choosing right products for an affiliation program has always been tricky as it needs a lot of research to be done.

But I say there is also an easy way: choose what you can sell. If your expert in photography, take camera as your niche to explain and review products, which will ultimately make the reader to buy.

You can promote a lot of inexpensive items or a few expensive items or an optimized combination of both. Both the strategies work well when you choose products rightly. Always take a view on Amazon recommendations, offers and best-selling products. Follow current market trends to estimate the sales and then make an attempt.

Write Indian:

This is the crucial step. This point “Write” involves writing and also linking.Write the Indian way. Say why it’s cheap and also best. Write as a consumer and review it like an expert. Write crisp and clear. Price-consciousness is more found here, so promote a product which is best-for-the-price type.

Do not let readers take-off from the page until they land on the “destination”. Be in line with the topic. Keywords should be taken seriously because they bring huge organic search traffic to site which is more important because the person is already interested in the product.

Link internally with text links while you describe the product. Make images attractive and importantly hyperlinked.

Promote Indian:

Promote the post using social media, guest blogging and blog commenting. Social media is always an effective and easy way to bring people to your site. Post your links in Facebook product pages and product blogs to streamline the traffic. These days’ coupon sites and offer sites have become must-to-visit sites before buying, so use these sites in promoting your post.

Do not leave articles at a stage or products at a stop. Repeat the process of writing and promoting for different products at every seasonal time. Write, promote and repeat to finally get rich amount of traffic.
Place your links in affiliate communities which are just in raise in India. Email links to your friends and tell them to share. Join content contribution sites to write your views and place your links in line with this.