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Nov 7, 2013

Micromax Canvas Turbo is one of the best high-end smartphones ever made by an Indian manufacturer. Though Canvas 4 was a disappointment from Micromax, Turbo is introduced with all new extreme specs and beauty. With Hugh Jackman becoming the face of Micromax, Canvas Turbo sales have been boosted. Micromax has become the first Indian smartphone maker to take a Hollywood celebrity as its brand ambassador.

In this post I would like to list out 5 reasons to buy Canvas Turbo

Quad-core Turbo Processor:
Canvas Turbo is powered by Mediatek 1.5GHz quad-core turbo processor. This turbo processor is more powerful than the regular quad-core processor (used in Canvas HD). Turbo processor has recorded some of the highest benchmarks when tested. With the rise of functionalities and capabilities of android apps, smartphones need to be powerful to handle the apps and thus quad-core processors make it easier. It may be high end gaming or full-HD video playback or intense multitasking, 4 cores on the processor will work like charm for smooth flow of work.

Still there is a perspective that Mediatek processors are low-quality Chinese processors. But contrary to that if you observe, even smartphone giant Sony has partnered with Mediatek to launch smartphones with quad-core processors. Sony Xperia C is one of such kind. Thus, Mediatek processors are affordable but not of low quality.

Canvas Turbo is Micromax’s first phone to feature 2GB RAM. It has got a lot of room for your games, videos, apps and themes to work. Quad-core processors might be present in smartphones but with 1GB RAM, the functionality is limited. So 2GB RAM would give Canvas Turbo more multi-tasking ability.

Full HD display:

Again Canvas Turbo is Micromax’s first phone to feature full HD display. A 5-inch full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels is best you can get on a smartphone’s screen and it is sported by Canvas Turbo. Canvas Turrbo’s full HD screen looks crystal clear to watch HD movies, play games. It has 441ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density at which a human eye is impossible to spot a pixel on the screen.

Canvas Turbo with a 1080p screen and quad-core processor coupled with 2GB RAM is a high-end smartphone whose specifications almost matches Galaxy S4. But when comes to price Canvas Turbo is highly affordable. Canvas Turbo is introduced at a price of Rs.19,999 and is available at less than that price in local stores and also in some websites. Micromax has always kept its pricing strategy crucial in selling the smartphones.

Hugh Jackman:

Lastly, Micromax’s bold move in roping Hugh Jackman as its brand ambassador is appreciable. It showed Micromax’s plans for a global impact. Micromax’s “cheap-brand” title is slowly fading off with its flagship devices’ success and Micromax’s marketing techniques. Micromax has taken one-third pie of smartphone’s share in just 2 years span. With affordable price-tags, high-end specs and equally reliable after-sales care, Micromax is heading forward into becoming the next smartphone giant.

Thus Micromax Canvas Turbo is a high-end budget smartphone which gives power to your money spent.