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Sep 14, 2012

Chrome has been the favorite browser for its speed, security and the millions of extension that power it. All the sites we visit are stored in history and eventually we store passwords and that is when the chrome browser becomes more important to us. So, summing up Chrome browser contains sensitive data such as our bookmarks, history and passwords. So there is a high need to completely protect the browser from unauthorized opening, viewing or editing mainly when you have to share your computer with your family members or colleagues.

So for better privacy and security it is always better to password protect the whole browser, which means when you open the chrome browser it prompts to enter the password and without which the browser exits.

After testing many different extensions for Google Chrome to password protect I finally chose ChromePW extension.After installing the Chrome PW extension for Google chrome you need to select the option to enable it to work in incognito mode too. The extension will guide the steps to do so. You can customize the startup screen of the Chrome PW whether to be shown as a window or a tab to pop up.

Even though it has a disadvantage of running in the background all the time, but it’s a worthy extension when you need security and privacy for your browser.

Here are some more extensions to password protect your Google chrome.

Simple Startup Password: Yes. This is really simple. A light weight popup windows asks to enter password.

Browser Lock: This is an extension which locks the browser after the pages are loaded. You can assign a startup password or to lock the chrome screen when you keep it idle for some period of time.

Quick Tip: Always install another browser like Firefox or any other version of chrome like Google Chrome Canary which is a beta browser for developers and early adopters. These browsers will be handy for other people to access internet other than using your Google Chrome.