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Sep 13, 2012

After almost 2years after the iPhone4 release, Apple has come with its successor iPhone5 yesterday. Unlike the previous devices, iPhone5 is missing a wow factor that generally delivered with Apple products.

With a longer 4-inch screen and being 18% lighter, iPhone5 has no remarkable change from iPhone4.Apple fans are very excited to handle the new device and to my wonder many of friends already started selling their iPhone4 devices on eBay last evening.

Here is an info-graphic "the road to iPhone5" by presenting a brief history of iPhone and depicting the features of the new iPhone5.

Some interesting facts about iPhone5 derived from the image.

·        It was in January 2002 when Steve Jobs brainstormed a device to combine an MP3 player and 
          a BlackBerry.
·        The iPhone 5 will be the first generation that has an increase in screen size.
·        The new iPhone is projected to sell 10 million units in just a few weeks.