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Sep 21, 2012

Apple’s iOS 6 has come with its own native Apple Maps service substituting the Google Maps which was the default maps service until the previous version. But Apple iOS 6 Map service is not receiving any positive feedback from the users. The app has many a number of holes and bugs to be patched and updated. Apple discontinued taking the maps service from Google, as it has become more of a competitor than a partner with its reign in android software for smartphone.

But speaking from out of the box, Apple can never beat out Google in providing maps as an effective service. Google has been in this field since 2005 and 7 years of experience in maps filed is vast to declare its monarchy in Maps. With thousands of millions of maps collected from years Google has an outstanding expertise in handling raw data of maps into useful information.

Google scanned 3000 cities down to street level for its Google Streetview service which makes its maps more powerful and accurate.  "It takes a long time and effort to figure out how to do this right, experience is important" Mr. McClendon said who is the vice president for engineering for maps at Google.

Though Apple acquired three companies in this year but it is so evident from the iOS Maps Service that it needs more time to get along with levels of Nokia and Google in Maps service. Many users faced the problem in navigation and identification of the places. In a recent post from AllThingsD it has been said that Maps service is the biggest drawback for iPhone5.

By the time Apple makes its improvements to reach Google maps standards, Google Maps will improve more by adding the missing features and advancements to its highly sophisticated service. There is no surprise Google can also come with its own Maps app for iPhone 5 as it just did with the Youtube.

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