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Sep 21, 2012

Facebook though comes with an email service but this is not much like a real email service. Clearly not a Gmail killer but it has its own ways of redefining the email system. You can receive email from any email address and similarly send email to any other email address from your email address.

If you have created a Facebook username, then your email id at Facebook would be like “yourusername” and for all the others it would be unique profile id number like Though it can be used to communicate with your friends and all other people out of Facebook, still it has some things not to be involved in. Let’s find out those three things where you should never use your email address.

Never use it for online shopping.

Facebook email address and online shopping could be a fun duo, but when seen from a productive point of view it is never a thing to attempt. It is not safe and secure to fill your Facebook inbox with emails related to your cart details, shipping status and product offers.

Unlike the other email service systems, data security in emails is not up to standards in Facebook email system. The attachments are not scanned and there is always a chance that you could end up opening a malware which could blast your sensitive data residing on your PC.

Never use it for new website registrations.

At the time of registration for a new website, you may be asked to enter an email address that you frequently use. Though you use Facebook all the time, using Facebook email address is not really a good idea. All the notifications related to the website, newsletters will stuff out your Facebook inbox.

And Facebook is almost blocked at work and thus it may panic you when you really want to click the verification email sent to your Facebook email. And in Facebook email system every email is like a thread in the conversation making it a long list of emails to check upon.

Never disclose your Facebook email as your public email id.

Scribbling your Facebook email id on your business card sounds funky and different. Though your username hints your Facebook email id, disclosing it to everyone may drop you into trouble. Using a Facebook email as a public (here by public I mean to everyone) will flood with emails which can never be sorted and filtered. No effective spam filtering and filters to segregate the emails you receive in Facebook email system.

Spamming your email would be very easy with Facebook email address thus ruining your Facebook experience.