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Sep 28, 2012

Facebook launched its gifts service that enables its huge user base to send gifts to their friends on any special events. Facebook gifting service could be the easier and the best way to send a gift to Facebook friends and also to show to other friends that you gifted. This service is just being rolled out, so don’t wonder if u didn't find any gift icon on your friend’s timeline.

The new Facebook gifts service was a revamped version of the Karma that Facebook acquired 3 months ago. This is yet another penetration of Facebook into the e-commerce market.

So today I just want to list out the 4 important things about Facebook Gifts service.

How Facebook gifts work?

You can just go to your friend’s timeline, click the gift button, and select a gift from the list displayed. After selecting the gift, just add a personal message and place the order. For now, the gifts are just small goodies like teddy bears, cakes, t-shirts, posters etc. of some few dollar value. There’s no wonder in coming months, the store could be filled with mobiles, laptops, books like a mini-Amazon.

You don’t need your friend’s address to send the gift.

If you know, you can enter the shipping address of your friend when you place the order, or else you can even gift your friend without knowing their address. When you send a gift to your friend, he/she will be notified with a notification message and will be asked to enter the address to which the gift has to be shipped. And you have an option to pay for gifts right away, or you can wait to pay until your friend enters their shipping info. Actually in this way you can send your gift wherever your friends celebrate.

What if your friend didn't enter address?

When you have entered you friends address, then the gift starts reaching your friend. But when you have sent a gift to your friend without filling the address, he/she will be informed to enter shipping info and when they do not enter, the gift will be cancelled after 2 weeks from the date of your order placed. After 2 weeks, the gift will be cancelled and the amount deducted any will be refunded in 6-7 business days.

Your friend can change the gift you selected.

When you give a gift to your friend, the price of the gift is not displayed. But they can choose a different size, color or style. They can even change the gift you selected and swap it for another similarly priced gift provided that the gift didn’t start shipping.

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