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Sep 28, 2012

Google Chrome, Skype and Yahoo messenger are some of the essential softwares for a system which normally cannot be installed unless the system is connected to internet. There are many so called portable installers in many sites but they are not reliable and some of them carry malware built inside them. So in this post I would like to share the reliable offline installer links for Google Chrome, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and many others.

Why prefer Offline installers?

When you download any of the above programs, firstly a tiny installer gets downloaded which connects to the internet and downloads the required files and installs the software into system. This makes it difficult to install in a PC when its offline. Moreover when your network is blocking downloads then you need full setup file to install the software.
With offline installers you can directly install the software into your system using a single setup file. Internet connection is not needed to install this.

How to download offline installers for Chrome and Skype?

>>Click the links which I provided at the end of the article.
>>Save the program in your hard disk and run it whenever you need to install the software into PC.

What if the offline installers are outdated?

When your offline installers are outdated, you can install first with the setup files you presently have and update the softwares when connected to internet or you can have fresh latest updated offline installers from the links below at any time. Please check back to this article for more offline installer softwares.

Download latest Google Chrome offline installer here
Download latest Skype offline installer here
Download latest Yahoo Messenger offline installer here