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Sep 28, 2012

ICM registry launched, the online porn search engine that searches all the porn around the .xxx domains. Google has been serving until now to search and get the porn tube links. Now it’s the time for the “in-charge” to take his duties.

When the company governing these .xxx domains announced about this porn search engine, it had thrown mixed response as some felt that it could be best to search as they govern the whole .xxx sites and others felt it cannot be accurate as it had been new and needs many algorithms to be implemented to get the exact results.

What I feel is that has some very good advantages over the traditional porn search on Google. Let’s see what makes better than Google in porn

Safe and secure

The first thing and the best thing about the .xxx domains is security. All the search results are displayed from .xxx domains which are always monitored and secured by McAfee. So there is no risk of malware or any other malicious content threat that usually may come from the Google results.You can read about the McAfee protection in .xxx domains here

No ads

Stuart Lawley, the CEO of the company said that the new .xxx porn search engine will not display any ads or irritating pop ups. The company wants the search engine to be clean and fast to get to the right point. "We have no ads, no videos, nothing on the search engine itself, so people can take a sort of calm and steady look at deciding what it is they want to select." said Lawley.

Porn, porn and porn

Since Google has been de-ranking the results of porn websites on the first page of the results and porn isn’t the real good thing for Google, the best alternative would be The site has indexed 21 million web pages strictly dedicated to porn.

Stuart said
 “It’s porn, only porn, all porn. There’s as much porn there as anyone would need, I’d imagine.”