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Nov 21, 2012

Skype released gift cards for this holiday season which start from $10. These cards give a credit value to your Skype account which can be used to call mobiles and land lines or send messages or fill up your subscription. This could be one of the best gifts to be on the list this holiday season.

Just choose an e-gift card from the Skype site and the credit amount you like to gift, then you can finally customize the card and send it to your dear ones. When you gift through the Skype website you can send from $10 to $75 and from Skype’s Facebook page you can send your own amount up to a maximum of $100.

These e-gift cards credit will be emailed to the receiver through email in no time. Physical gift cards are also available at retail store like Target, OfficeMax, or Microsoft Store.This gifting Skype cards to a faraway friend would be a great idea.

To redeem the gift card, sign in to your Skype account and click on Redeem Voucher which you can see on the left side. Enter your voucher number which is emailed to your id or enter the number on the physical coupon.

If you need any help in redeeming vouchers click here.