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Dec 25, 2012

Have you ever tried middle clicking the refresh button on Google Chrome? When I browse my mails or roam through news in Google Chrome obviously I use right click and left click of my mouse to do all actions and rarely use key board shortcuts for navigation and opening tabs. But I recently used my middle click on my refresh button and was surprised I don’t know this shortcut.

So I have listed out some of the tasks that we can do with the middle click in Google Chrome. I didn’t try whether these middle click shortcuts work on other brewers or not, but the following shortcuts worked on Chrome for fine. I just want to share all of them.

  • Middle click on refresh button creates a copy of the tab you are on. 
  • Middle click on a tab to close it.
  • Middle click on back or forward button in Chrome to open a new tab that gives a backward or forward page. 
  • Middle click on any hyperlink on a webpage to open that link in a new tab. 
  • Middle click a bookmark folder, it opens every site in that folder in a new tab (Don’t try if you have dozens of bookmarks in a folder, it hits hard on your processor). 
  • Middle click on home button to duplicate it.
  • This middle click even works out of the browser for chrome, middle click a windows 7/8 taskbar icon, if you already have a window open, it opens a new one. 
  • Middle click an aero thumbnail preview, it closes the application.