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Dec 26, 2012

Since Google has acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion, there has been an expectation for a killer smartphone from the search giant. Few days ago Wall Street Journal stated that Google is working on so called ‘X-Phone’ which can directly compete with Apple’s iPhone and also with the Samsung’s success series, the Galaxy lineup. It is being expected that the phone will “stand-out” of the present high end smart phones. This phone could be the best substitute for Google if the relation with the Samsung breaks as Samsung is already avoiding some of the Google native default apps on their phones.

With the success of its Nexus lineup, Google now can handle the production of smartphones and tablets. It is also being said that post the release of the ‘X-Phone’, Google will work on ‘X-Tablet’. With the ever increasing expectations on this phone, here I present the 5 great features that can be expected from ‘X-Phone’.

A better battery
Yes, the smart phones are getting smarter and their batteries are getting weaker. So the first thing to expect from a major super phone is a long battery life. An amazing list of specs from a phone will only be strengthened when they come with better batteries for longer time.

A bendable OLED screen
Though experts have said that bendable screens may not arrive before 2014, but there has been a rumor that ‘X-Phone’ equips with a bendable screen, which is also the next future thing for smartphones from Samsung and Apple. With complications in implementing the bendable screen, companies are trying hard for getting them into devices.

Ceramics build
To resists drops, ‘X-Phone’ can come with ceramics. With the huge in size the smartphones sometimes are harder to get grip and need to be resistant to drops. Ceramics as back can push up the strength of the phone which may last longer.

Face and gesture recognition
With the acquisition of Viewdle by Google, it is expected to build software for their smartphone lineup which recognizes faces and gestures. If this could happen, then next time you could just slide your hand in air to get your phone to unlock.

Affordable price tag
Not to forget the price tag is one of the influential and effective features of a smartphone mainly to a high-end phone like ‘X-Phone’. The price tag competition always plays a key-role in the success of it. I expect a Google-Motorola to be at an affordable $200.