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Dec 28, 2012

Since the day Google unveiled Google Nexus 7, it has become the new sensation in tablet market. With 1 million devices being sold in only one month, the search giant has been very successful in releasing a Kindle Fire killer. This 7 inch device included some high end specs like Quad Core processor, 1GB RAM, 1280×800 resolution IPS screen. But beside all these Nexus 7 lacks some features.

No memory!!

With an amazing 1200x800 display, I just want to fill up a Nexus 7 with high quality HD movies, but here I need to revise my thoughts as they occupy a good chunk of space and the device has memory restrictions. Nexus 7 comes in models in which memory is fixed and cannot be expanded. It lacks a micro SD slot which is one of the easiest ways to add memory to device. When you own an 8 GB or 16 GB model you need to deletes your stuff frequently to get enough space. As a matter of fact Google discontinued the 8 GB model now. And with 16GB model you need to be choosy while copying files into your tablet as it gets full in no time.

No Flash!!

Though Nexus 7 is a high end tablet with a great specs but it lacks in the flash support. This is actually strange that a killer device like Nexus ignored the flash support. We still find many websites and apps which require flash to run and this made some of the consumers to step back when they opted for Nexus 7.

No HDMI support.

When you want to see your videos in tablet on your HDTV, Nexus remains behind as there is no HDMI support in the device. With the increase in the number f people streaming videos from internet there is also an obvious increase in the number of people watching movies on their HDTV with their tablet connected.