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Dec 28, 2012

Software is all what we need and what we do all around. When it comes to a desktop we have a lot of different tasks to perform ranging from a document editor to a video cutter. We use many types of software for multimedia, documentation and gaming. Softwares are sophisticated pieces of code and thanks to the freeware sites which provide softwares, here in this post I would like to list out the 5 best sites to download free software. You can download free softwares without losing a penny and sometimes these freewares equally perform as that of the highly priced softwares in the market. Some software may have limited functionalities but they can really make well at the personal use level.

CNET Download
The best and reliable source for free software downloads. CNET Download has been in free software download era the internet for many years and they know the best softwares that give best performance. I always see the CNET’s rating for software to know its performance and functionality. They also provide best softwares lists that makes easy to select best software. And the servers of CNET download never let you count seconds. is my favorite site to download all the best softwares in almost all categories. Filehippo provides the latest versions of every software. I got familiar with Filehippo through CCleaner software, which is the best software for PC cleaning. The best part of Filehippo is that they also provide previous versions of softwares for download. I always prefer this site to download browser plugins, CCleaner, browsers and free anti-virus.

One of the best software download sites to get the latest and almost every freeware on earth. With millions of collection of freewares and sharewares this is a great destination for free software. You can find softwares for other platforms too like Mac and Linux. Softonic also provides mobile applications.
I was very impressed by this site’s huge collection of free softwares. The drivers section almost covered every hardware. You can download free audio/video tools, games, developer tools and many more. Another factor why I listed Freewarefiles here is that they update the freewares as soon they arrive.

Over 250,000 freeware and shareware are for free download in Brothersoft which covers 7 channels including Windows, Mac, Mobile, etc. There are more than 10,00, 000 downloads every day on this site. To meet the software need of Non-English speaking country customers, multi-language portals including Japanese, German and many more have been setup by Brothersoft. You can also download games from a wide range of lists from brothersoft.

NOTE: Please be cautious while downloading from free software sites as they guide you through a custom installation where you could end up in installing some ad toolbars for browsers. So while you check the boxes while installations, please read and proceed.