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Dec 29, 2012

Android has now taken a 70% of the smartphone apps share in 2012 and also was almost equal to the Apple’s app quantity. With the ever increasing number of devices for android developers are keen in creating better apps. Google revealed its own list of best android apps for 2012. These apps were selected by the editor’s of Google Play.
Google says that these are some of the apps which achieved a great combination of utility, beauty and accessibility. The apps selected are compatible for both phone and tablet and according to Google represent the best of Google Play. Below are the best apps of 2012 by Google, in no particular order.

Evernote is the best organizer for a smartphone. Evernote is one of those few apps which are equally very clean and fast. Take notes, capture photos, organize your calendar, collect chunks of data from internet in a beautiful interface.

Pocket lets you save articles, read subscriptions, videos and other stuff which are interesting to you. And you can read later when the internet connection is not available. An easy way to collect, view and share content.

Fancy is one of the apps where we can discover, collect and buy things from a filtered catalogue of wonderful products. A best place to find gifts to your dear ones and can share your interests with your friends

Official app of TED using which we can view the best collection of talks. You can browse through more than 1200 TED Talk videos and audios. This app is available for both phones and tablets. TED app is created with the help and support of Sony.

Pinterest app was a much waited android app of 2012 and also which is an obvious part of this list. You can collect pictures and share which inspire you. Collect and organize the content and can make simple boards to show your collections.

A beautiful app to plan trips which is well designed for both the tablets and phones. Plan your flight booking or hotel planning anywhere in the world with this globally available app.

Grimm’s Snow White
This  is a simple and well-designed android app that introduces to Grimm’s fairy tales in a cool storybook style. Interestingly this is only the app in the list which is not free.

Seriesguide Show Manager
An android app for watching television that includes more information about shows and schedules. Android authors say that this app “features an attractive, practical and well-planned design aesthetic”.

A unique and full-featured genealogy app that delivered a stunning design overhaul which also delivered new functionality.

Pixlr Express
A photo-editing app that includes many a number of photo fixes and effects to easily make photos look cool. And you can share these pictures right from the app. I personally prefer this app as an Instagram alternative.

Browre here for the Google Play's page for this list.