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Mar 8, 2013

When I first read about the CCleaner on a random tech blog many years back, I didn’t really feel that this simple piece of software could really clean my whole system in seconds. But to my wonder it really does the thing and made my PC impressively faster than before. Thanks to Piriform.

So lets find out why is CCleaner best tool for cleaning PC??

Uff!!..Clear out the junk.

Firstly, it has an effective and very fast cleaner. It selects some of the default programs to be analyzed for cleaning or you can select which programs you wanted to clean. All the temporary files are targeted by CCleaner and they are listed out after analyzing. It has a list called “Advanced” in the bottom which has the real depth items of a windows operating system to be cleaned. Relatively CCleaner is faster than the other cleaners that are on internet.

Better Registry Cleaner

It has a simple registry cleaner which analyzes the whole registry. You can take back up of the registry for a safe restoration. This section of registry cleaner in CCleaner is the main tool that really does the great chunk of work in cleaning the PC.

Tools that ease the tasks!!

It has Uninstall tool which is simple and easy to use. I prefer using CCleaner uninstalling tool rather than going into the control panel because it’s easy and has very sorted information.

The Startup tool in the program gives you the list of enabled programs in the startup of the OS. You can deselect the programs that are dragging your PC back. This is very simple and easy way rather than going into the “msconfig” window from run command.

The next tool is the System Restore tool, which I mostly use for deleting the restore backups that windows make. I clear out old backups which are not useful and with that I can again some space in my drive.

The last tool is Drive Wiper tool which wipes the free spaces in your hard disk so that deleted files can never be recovered again. Wiping takes really looong time, so I rarely use it for data wiping.

Fun way to use CCleaner: Go to the cookies section in the Options menu in CCleaner, in the left side section of cookies to delete you can see the websites you have visited from the time CCleaner has installed. I really wondered that I opened that whole list of million websites from my computer.