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May 3, 2013

With the ever increasing number of smartphones, it’s been difficult to choose the right device as every phone has its own best in specifications. Before purchasing a smartphone we at times have to compare the phones with previous models or the upcoming models. Rather than reading the specs of the devices separately to compare, today we present you 3 best sites using which you can easily compare smartphones.


One of the best and “oldest” website for comparing smartphones. With almost all the phones in the world in their database, GSMArena is my best choice to compare smartphones. With in-depth details of the specifications of the phone being explained, you can analyze the difference between the smartphones and can decide which the best that suits you is.You can compare the camera samples of the devices and video quality of the phones quickly.

Geekaphone popped up in recent years and made some quick good moves to get into top mainly for smartphone comparison. With their huge database and the knowledge over smartphones on which specs to be compared is remarkable. Things which influence the decision making of the smartphone are highlighted and without being an expert you can easily choose your favorite device.


Last year when I had confusion between Galaxy Advance and Galaxy S II main specs, I spotted recombu which posted a video comparing these briefly, that really impressed me and here it is in the list now. The videos posted in the site explain in detail about the phones, you can just relax and stay back to watch them and decide which is the best smartphone.

Please let us know how these sites can help you or helped you. Your valuable comments are needed. Thank you.